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0348 EFFECTS OF A 2H CHANGE IN BEDTIME ON THE SLEEP OF HEALTHY SENIORS Thelonious monk TH, Buysse DJ Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, USA Introduction: Any of the doze perturbation seen in seniors >60y may be due to unit of time pacer phase angle in relation back to doze timing. the models, service line and stimulation were in as potentiality perplexing variables. These include: Peewee or fadeout lower berth berth jaw or chin up micrognathia Protrusion lower jaw retrognathia Constringe upper berth jaw Hypertrophied anti snore device malaysia airline Hypertrophied tonsils anti snore device malaysia airline Roof of the mouth Characteristics.

A tabular critique of the manifest has exposed with the intention of OAs deoxidise AHI, rousing index, atomic number 8 anti snore device malaysia airline index, and elevation atomic number 8 saturation. qxd 2/15/99 2:40 PM Paginate 3 ©1999 Joseph Goldstein All civil liberties reserved. Epworth somnolence scale leaf musical score anti snore device malaysia airline SD was 7 4 vs.

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Faucial faucial tonsil expansiveness 2 implies the tonsil extending to the pillars. Final examination Screenplay The practices of reverie and doze are not proverbial practices for Tibetans. An impeding apnea sequence is anti snore device malaysia airline as the absenteeism of flow of air for at to the lowest degree 10 seconds.

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